Delta Builds is a Black woman owned environmentally and socially conscious company dedicated to the glass recycling industry. We seek to do double duty through making a contribution to addressing climate change, economic development and racial justice by way of job creation for our most vulnerable people. Delta Builds holds disadvantaged business enterprise (SLDBE) certification in New Orleans where there is a 35% goal. Each household that signs up helps us to create jobs, which seeks to improve the quality of life for all in New Orleans.

What We Do

Our ultimate goal at Delta Builds is to make NOLA a glass recycling hub by closing the glass bottle to bottle loop in our region, which means that the bottles used tonight, will be back on the shelf at your favorite retailer in 30 days or less. We cannot say it enough: glass can be recycled infinitely and does NOT belong in trash cans or landfills.

Who We Are


Dr. Dorothy Nairne

In 1998, I took a sabbatical from racism in the US. The mission was simple, raise my 3 children in a country with Black people on the money. I had the best job ever with the University of Michigan running a large study on sex work and HIV in Johannesburg. Interviews with thousands of women, all wanting stable jobs, haunt me to this day. Emboldened by their stories of resilience and hope, I started several socially responsible enterprises in South Africa. One company was recognized by the World Bank and OxFam International, and, I was featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show. Fast forward to 2021, my young adults have melodic accents and flourished growing up seeing Nelson Mandela’s face on the South African Rand. I returned to the US with my inner entrepreneur fully ignited and sleeves rolled up to create Black wealth, eliminate poverty and racism and make an action-based contribution to climate change via Delta Builds. You will find me along the streets of New Orleans hauling glass for Delta Builds or up the bayou cultivating the land of my ancestors and pouring everything I learned into fulfilling our mission. I am a proud graduate of HBCU Clark Atlanta University, a forever Badger from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and a Taurus.

Leonard Guillory IV

Atlanta born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, Leonard is a numbers guy through and through. He earned a bachelor's degree in Economic Science at Wits University and brings entrepreneurial experience and a global perspective to Delta Builds. He's a huge sports fan too, so ask him about football at your own risk!

A Word from Our Founder

Plan for Future

By mid-2022 Delta Builds will embark upon the collection of glass from commercial entities so stay tuned to all of the restaurants, bars, event venues, cruise ships and any other such establishments…we coming for your glass.

Recycled glass will be pulverized into gravel for storm water management – yup, time to remove the concrete from your yard so that the ground drains when it rains – and sub-base for road construction.

Manufacturing glass products is at the heart of Delta Builds with sight set on a range of glass products including Mardi Gras beads using West African techniques, countertops and, of course, more bottles.

Our ultimate goal is to close the loop on glass in our region, which means that the bottles used tonight will be back on the shelf at your favorite retailer in 30 days or less.