We commit to building a greener, more inclusive and equitable society. We are dedicated and borderline obsessed with solving societal issues and we welcome your participation in reaching our goals.

Born in the Big Easy

New Orleans is a fantastic city. We believe NOLA deserves to give its residents a cost-effective answer to reduce their carbon emissions and put dat glass to better use than polluting a landfill.

Solution Oriented

We enjoy great conversations over a cocktail like anyone else, but we don’t want to just talk about it, we want to be about it. We see the many issues NOLA faces and we enjoy rolling up our selves and getting to work to solve those issues. We want you to join us in shaping a greener and more equitable New Orleans.

Black Woman Owned

Our founder and CEO has made her life’s work to solve societal issue using innovative and simple solutions, a great thinker with a huge heart. We work with many small black owned businesses and community-based organizations to support black wealth creation.

Green Growth

The future is green and we want to make sure NOLA is a leader in that future. We want to do our part in closing the loop on glass recycling and build a green industry with the help of New Orleanians. Our vision is to ensure every bottle consumed in New Orleans, and the Delta region, is recycled and put to the highest value use for our society.